How to insert images into posts in Nikola

Since it took me a surprisingly long time to solve this simple problem -- it's not in Nikola's official docs(where they only have a section on galleries) and my Google search was unfruitful, I thought I'd write it down.

The simple trick is based on the fact that Nikola will automatically copy all contents under files/ folder to output/ folder when you run nikola build.

So here are the steps:

  1. Create a subdirectory in files/. Say regex_pic/ (where I put my images for the previous post on parsing regex) -- this is more about better practice, since I don't like to clutter my output/ folder.

  2. Put your images into that folder.

  3. In your post, use regular markdown syntax to reference those images. For example: ![simple image1](/regex_pic/simple1.jpg) will insert regex_pic/simple1.jpg.

  4. nikola build. Done.


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