Design Pattern #12: Composite Pattern

These are my notes about the book Headfirst Design Patterns.

The last chapter, finally!


  • Controller: manipulates model; can ask View to change as well (holds reference to both Model and View)
  • Model: keep state & data; tell View the state has changed (does not know View or Controller -- they register as observers)
  • View: update display; tells Controller of user input; request Model for data (holds reference to both Model and Controller)

Design patterns in MVC

  • Model: Observer pattern to keep View and Controller updated; sometimes use Adapter pattern to adapt a model to work with existing views and controllers.
  • Controller: Strategy pattern. Controller is the "Strategy" behavior for the View. Swappable.
  • View: Composite pattern to manage the windows/display.


  • A set of patterns combined to solve a general problem.


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